Mesa Flat Roofing

Several structures in Mesa feature flat roofs, predominantly in the commercial and industrial roof sectors. Several factors contribute to the preference for flat roofs over their sloped counterparts.

Flat roofs construction Types

Built Up Roofing (BUR)

The term used to describe roofs constructed through the layering of roofing felts and waterproofing materials is known as built-up roofing. These materials may encompass asphalt, coal tar pitch, cold application adhesive, insulation, and various others.

More commonly referred to as a “tar and gravel” roof, this type of roofing is finalized with a layer of gravel or other crushed rock/mineral.

MBR (Modified Bitumen Roof)

The construction of these roofs differs slightly, as they are made from fiberglass-based asphalt sheets. These sheets are applied in layers, with hot bitumen sandwiched between each layer.

While these materials are more commonly used for commercial flat roofs rather than residential buildings, they can serve as a viable alternative if you choose to do so.

Built-up roofing represents the most economical choice; however, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight causes the asphalt base to deteriorate over time, requiring replacement sooner than other alternatives.

Single-Ply Roofs

Mesa Roofing specializes in the installation of this particular type of flat roof deck materials more than any other. These materials are not only the most practical and modern but also the most reliable. Additionally, this roofing type is available in two varieties.

Thermoset membranes, composed of rubber polymers, require minimal tape or adhesive for creating the essential watertight seal along the edges. In contrast, Thermoplastic membranes, made from plastic polymers, have their waterproof seals formed through heat or chemical welding.

As part of Mesa Roof Repair services, these materials also incorporate a protective reinforcement layer, utilizing either fiberglass or polyester, providing them with the necessary strength and stability.

In the realm of Mesa Roof Replacement, this particular roof type boasts a longer lifespan compared to other varieties, making it a superior choice, despite the slightly higher cost.

Mesa Flat Roofing Repair

With extensive experience in working with roofs of this design, Mesa Roofing excels at quickly identifying issues. If you’re experiencing water leakage into your building’s interior, our experts can promptly determine whether it’s due to a puncture in the covering or a deteriorated seal. This expertise is particularly valuable in the context of Mesa Roof Replacement.

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